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Giant Ornament Display and Installation Tips

Please read the below information to make the most out of your Giant Ornament display!

Ornament Display Tips:

  • Ornaments should be displayed on a level surface
  • Ornaments include ground base ring to secure ornament in place.  We highly suggest adding additional stability to prevent rolling or displacement of the Giant Ornament by adding (3) 50 lb. sand bags inside the ornament.  Simply unscrew the ornament ring to remove cap and add your sand bags then reattach ornament cap and ring. is not responsible for any damage resulting from ornaments that have not be properly secured.
  • If you are interested in hanging your Giant Ornament, please give us a call for hanging guidelines.
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Indoor and Outdoor Giant Ornament Displays

HugeOrnamentStackOver sized Christmas ornament displays are a timeless commercial Christmas decoration.  Our giant fiberglass ornaments can be used indoor or outdoor in giant ornament stacks or alone as a smaller display.  Ranging in sizes from 24″ to 84″, they are perfect for any display area – large or small.  These giant Christmas ornaments are made from fiberglass with a high gloss protective coating in painted or glitter finish that is mixed inside the resin.  Single ornaments come with a base for ground floor application, or can be altered upon request with a built in bracket for hanging.

Standard colors for Giant ornaments are Red, Emerald Green, Lime Green, Gold, Silver, Blue, Sky Blue, Magenta, Purple, Bronze, Copper, and Chartreuse.

Choosing the Correct Oversized Ornaments for Your Display
Deciding the correct giant ornament display size for your space can be difficult.  If you need assistance choosing the correct size ornament for your office, lawn, lobby or atrium please give us a call at 800.617.2430 and one of our Christmas specialists will be happy to help! Below are a few tips for choosing the correct Christmas ornament display size:

  • Ornaments should be large enough to create a statement in your space, but not too large that they will obstruct traffic flow or signs.  Choose an ornament size that is proportionate to your overall space.  For large open spaces, you generally want to go with a giant Ornament stack, or several medium sized ornaments placed throughout the space.
  • If hanging your giant ornaments from the ceiling, combine different size ornaments and hang at different lengths to create visual depth in your display.
  • Use a tape measure to measure out your overall display size.
  • Place temporary props/markers to provide a visual feel of the size and scope of the display.

Custom Giant Christmas Ornament Displays
Want to take your company or residential Christmas display to the next level?  The staff at Giant Ornaments can create custom giant Christmas ornaments or 4 and 10 ball ornament displays using your company’s custom colors and company logo!  We also offer Giant Christmas ornaments with custom finishes such as  gold leafing or silver leafing.  Giant ornament displays are a classic Christmas icon that creates an impressive holiday display piece.  These bauble displays are a fun photo op for your clients, employees and customers and create a great advertising piece for your company or center.